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We are individuals whose focus and commitment is to live in Harmony with Mother Nature and our own essential nature, as responsible and authentic co-creators, unique in our individuality while part of this global symphony that is the Universe. We would love to see again our planet restored and flourishing and humanity awakening to a way of living and feeling in integrity and awareness, more loving and compassionate.

Michael Pierre

I was born in Germany and grew up in the South of France. I trained as a children’s facilitator specialized in Socio-Cultural, Nature and environmental education in France before finding my beloved wife Yasmín in 2007. We lived together the first four years in Tenerife. For 2.5 years we rented a piece of land where we gained experience both in organic agriculture and bioconstruction.

I love being a bridge of communication between cultures, guide newcomers, design and plant creative gardens, play and channel the water through the land and houses as in Flowforms, preserve and share the biodiversity of flowers, fruits and fragrances that Nature offers us through a tree nursery and seed bank.

Michael Pierre Gasber, Permaculture, Community Tenerife, Serene Light Gardens

Michael Pierrre watering the plants



Tireless traveller, adventurous and a bit crazy. I went through many phases and roles: I played the artist (painting, video installations, performance …), the therapist (massage and body work, music therapy, crystal therapy, shamanic healing …) the facilitator of numerous workshops (“Introduction to Gestalt Massage “, “Inner Presence”, “Towards our Creative Essence”, “Celebrating Consciousness” …), I played also to be a shaman’s apprentice (7 years of passionate work and ceremonies with different Medicine Plants) … until I finally materialized in my life my dearest twin soul: Michael Pierre, to whom I got married for Eternity in November 2008.

Yasmin, Permaculture, Community Tenerife, Serene Light Gardens

Yasmin with a little friend

We have over 12 years of experience in working with Permaculture/Agroforestry and we are offering consultations, are elaborating designs for gardens/farms and give courses for different types of groups and ages. We offer our services locally and worldwide, please visit our website for more information:

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Our project promotes a lifestyle without the use of cannabis, tobacco, alcohol and any other drug.

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