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The Sanctuary

The sanctuary project is composed of 3 parts:

1) The preservation dome

In this time of deep environmental challenges and damages, we feel that it is of highest importance to create a protected sanctuary to protect essential insects like bees, butterflies, worms as well as key plants that could be reproduced and shared to be able to recover other places when the conditions will be become again better.


We propose to create an dome-shape structure similar to the ones used by the eden-project in the UK, but with radio-frequencies shielding from all actual or possible future RF pollution (including the 5G satellites network) as well as a nano-particles air filtration system to avoid all kind of pollution coming from geo-engeneering.

2) The reforestation nursery

The forest of the world are getting more and more destroyed and although some countries started to reforest, it is essential that we replant highly diverse and dense forest everywhere and having a massive nursery for that purpose is essential.

3) The high positive frequency emitter

Many studies have shown that meditation, devotional singing and other practices or also forms and objects are creating frequencies that are highly beneficial for the insects, plants, humans and the whole planet. We would love to create a specific place for that purpose, probably in the middle of the preservation dome.

-The knowledge of organizing such a project, the knowledge of how to install the infrastructure, the knowledge of plants and insects to create the right environment for them and the knowledge how to manage a team for it.

-The correct land

-The infrastructures (including permits and materials)

-The team (to help us organize and manage the project)

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Stay with us as a visitor, for volunteering or support the project with a donation. Every amount is welcome and highly appreciated.


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Our project promotes a lifestyle without the use of cannabis, tobacco, alcohol and any other drug.

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