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Since 2016

We have been welcoming people to this land from all over the world, offering a space where one can tune back into nature. We love to empower people to see and learn how to embrace another way of living that is in harmony with nature. When we bought this land, it was pretty much barren, no plants, herbs or vegetables, since then we have created many spaces which is now home to a diverse range of life. Regenerating soil is at the heart of what we do here and implementing the principles of permaculture we are transforming this once barren land into a home where a variety of biodiversity can thrive.

We have the advantages to be close to the village of bajamar (natural pools, nice walks towards the Anaga mountains, health food shop, bus stop, cafés etc) but the inconvenience is the proximity of a busy road but it’s noise is been covered more and more by the singing of the birds attracted by the regenerative process. The other element to permaculture that is at the core of what we align with and welcome is community. Although we bought this land in order to get closer to our vision, this vision also includes co-creating with beings who align with the core principles of permaculture and spirituality.


We are open to exploring and co-creating with like-minded individuals who would love to come and join this project. We invite those who resonate with exploring another way of being in this world to reach out to us and let’s see how we can co-create and collaborate to create a beautiful community together.

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Our project promotes a lifestyle without the use of cannabis, tobacco, alcohol and any other drug.

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Serene Light Gardens