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We have many special herbs and products from our farm from which you may benefit.


All of them have been cultivated and prepared with care and love.


We have the organic certification since 2018.

Artemisia Annua

Artemisia annua is a medicinal plant that originated in Southeast Asia, but is now cultivated all around the world.

It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years as a treatment for fevers, but its medicinal properties were rediscovered by modern science in the 1970’s when research revealed that the plant contains more than 10 active substances that act together or in parallel.


Today, one of those substances – artemisinin – is the foundation of all anti-malarial medicine, the discovery of which won Prof. Tu Youyou the Nobel Prize in 2015.


Scientific studies have shown that the components within the leaves of Artemisia annua, which can be ingested in capsules, extracts, or teas, have significant activity against the SARS-coronavirus, as well as against breast and prostate cancer without any serious side effects.


Price: 15g 3€ / 25g 5€ / 150g 30€


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