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Seva means ‘selfless service’ and refers to service offered without the expectation of
reward or
gain. When offered from the heart in this way,
seva can be a powerful form of spiritual practice.
For a longer explication please

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Preparing cuttings to plant
Learning how to build with cane
Foldable yurt workshop


Please notice that at this time we are only looking for long term family members (2months minimum) who have:

We are particularly looking for some being good at social media (could help from home) and also someone working with photography / video.

To anyone showing interest in coming to stay nearby, visit and experience 

“Finca Luz Serena” in Bajamar (Tenerife, Spain), we would love to share with you some of the background of this project to get a better understanding of what we are standing for:

We are investing our energy and finances to create an environment where people can learn and get inspired in many ways about sustainable living and its creative possibilities. Please visit (if you haven’t yet) the vision page in depth for the details.
We have launched a crowd-funding campaign (in which you are welcome to contribute) although until now most of resources came from the founders, and we are really looking forward to share and co-create the project with really motivated people, even looking for co-owners.


For this reason we are not offering a regular work ex-change program but rather sharing our lifestyle including diet, yoga and other healthy and consciousness raising activities and asking for people that come to do Seva to have a clear idea and motivation of what they would love to contribute while they come here.

Here the timetable we use to work with although it might differ:

yoga tenerife

Through some years of experience working with volunteers (, we really prefer to welcome beings who like to do Seva with a sense of engagement and motivation. Communicating regularly is important during your stay so the balance feels right for everyone.
We do ask to become a “seva” member of our association for 200€ per month (renewable every month) to mainly cover food (good quality), gas for cooking and shower, transportation expenses and you are most welcome to participate in the Yoga, Meditation, Agni hotra and whatever activity we are doing at the farm. If some money is not used for the listed purposes, it will be made available for any future improvements of the place. If this is financially too much of a stretch for you, please find another project that would suit to your situation.


The farm is strictly vegetarian, free of alcohol, junk-food, drugs (including Marijuana) and Tobacco. Please do not come if you have any of these addictions and have no will to overcome it.


Please also bring and use only natural products for your hygiene, washing clothes etc…


Here again our exchange program on a clear view:


What we offer:
-A simple place to stay nearby the farm, at walking distance from the ocean.
-Hot Shower
-2 healthy, vegetarian, whole food, local grown veggies meals (1PM and 7PM) a day including good oil and some super foods and spices
-When we do it: Agni hotra
-When we do it, we love to share Yoga
-Learning as you go about sustainable living, Permaculture, plants in the sub-tropics, etc
-Lots of information about Tenerife
-Networking with lots of beautiful like-minded people and projects


What we require:

-Sincere motivation
-Have a clear contribution plan
-Participate approximately 25 hours per week in making the farm a better place (basic tasks need to be taken care of every day)
-Not to use or being under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs (includes Cannabis!) during my stay at the farm (this includes outside the farm while you stay with us too, please don’t come if you can’t commit to that)
-Become a “seva” member for 200€ (valid one month, renewable and not refundable) to mainly cover foods and general running costs of the farm such as gas, water and general maintenance which makes the project possible (in the exceptional case we agree that you come for less than a month, the membership price remains the same).
-Tent (we provide nice mattress).
-A little deposit for Sheets, blankets, pillow and a towel, that would be returned If washed and arranged at the end of the stay.
-NOT been vaccinated against Covid
-To fill the seva form (here after)
-Be honest and Share who you are

It is possible that after a few weeks we can make other arrangements if there is an interest for it.

How to apply:

First contact us to show your interest in coming: email: or phone: +34654579155.

We will then schedule a video call either through whatsapp or skype during which we will share more about the project and the practical details.

If we find an agreement, you would need to fill in the seva form online here.

This is the bank account to send your non-refundable first month membership + the deposit:

IBAN(*) ES16 1491 0001 2720 1858 8729

Thank you

meditation tenerife

Support us financially through paypal or crypto

Stay with us as a visitor, for volunteering or support the project with a donation. Every amount is welcome and highly appreciated.


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Our project promotes a lifestyle without the use of cannabis, tobacco, alcohol and any other drug.

You can contact us in any of the following languages:

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