We are greatful that you are interested in supporting the project financially. Every amount helps us to raise the project and change this old parking spot in an artistic and edible food forest garden. With a donation of 1 € we could buy one meter of pipe for our watering system, for 8 € we could buy a fast growing Papaya variety to have some fresh fruit in the future and for more we could buy some tools and things we need for infrastructures.

In February 2016 we started a Crowdfunding Campaign on

Windbreak Project (April 2017)

You can also do a donation through other ways

Our Association has an account in the Ethic bank Triodos in Spain and we recommend to make your donations directly to this account:
La Escuela de la Conciencia Creativa, Triodos Bank : 1491 0001 27 2018588729 (IBAN: ES16 / BIC: TRIOESMMXXX)

Or you can simply donate via Paypal.

Serene Light Gardens