Here you can read the comments left by the former volunteers, visitors and collaborators about their experiences at our permaculture farm in Tenerife, Serene Light Gardens.

“Michael and Yasmín are amazing people with knowledge in so many fields. You can learn so much from them! The finca has a great view over Bajamar and the sea and it is at walking distance to the center of the village. I totally recommend you volunteer with this permaculture and agroecological project”, Anca, Romania

“Yasmin and Michael are two special individuals with a positive and inspiring vision. I am blessed to know them and share their energy and space. Yasmin is very insightful and knowledgeable in the area of spiritual healing and psychological well-being. I recommend consulting with her, especially if you feel none can understand your challenges.
Thank you Michael and Yasmin!”, Djana Fakhreeva, Russia (http://djanas.weebly.com)

I stayed with Michael Pierre and Yasmin for 4 months (from July to October 2016). There are open-hearted and open-minded people and welcomed my wife, my son and me from the first moment. They shared their resources and knowledge generously. It was a pleasure to work with them in nature and to see the plants grow. I definitely learned something about permaculture and community live. I am looking forward to visit them again. May your project be one of the first shining lights in this endless ocean. :)”
Michael Taube, Germany (http://michaeltaube.net)

As a long-time student of macrobiotics, permaculture, and sustainable building techniques, I was very interested to learn more of the Luz Serena project in Bajamar.
I was so inspired by Yasmin and Michael, their broad knowledge of a sustainable way of living, and their deep commitment to the health and happiness of the people who come to learn from them and to our shared planet and its resources, that I have decided to do what I can to support this fundamentally-important work and project.
Yasmin and Michael are two remarkable and generous souls who are providing leadership and training for the most vital of issues of our time.” Morgan Jones, USA, 18th of May 2017

Dear Yasmín & Michael! Thank you for being such lovely, warm-hearted, open-minded, caring and just wonderful people. I am so grateful for the inspiring time at your magical place. Stay positive and believe in your dream. I am sure it will become true 🙂 My heart stays with you and I send you loads of love <3 Namaste <3” Cindy, Germany, June 2017

My dear ones, you are such an inspiration. You persisted with your vision and found your land and I see the paradise garden with you already. There is so much love, patience and creativity that you share with all who come and I feel deeply touched by it. See you very soon <3“, Felicitas, Germany, April 2017

Te Amo Finca Luz Serena. All I have to say is thank you y muchas gracias. It has been a incredible Journey with ups and downs, Ideas, creativity, constructions, stones and Love. This energy you have here is rare and need care! Thank you that I could grow and develop an understanding of what Nature, Being and Family means. A trace in my heart that I will follow! I love you Pierre and Yasmín for being such wonderful beings that we could Play on your land for such a long time. TENDER/LOVE/CARE” , Daniel, Germany, from September 2016 to April 2017

“Dear Finca Luz Serena! We would like to express our gratitude for our rather short, but sweet stay in this spectacular place…. deliciously fresh herb salads, sharing stories around the fire, beautiful music & bhajans, and more importantly the inspiring people. We wish you all the best on your permaculture and spiritual journey! We are looking forward to invite you all away to our future permaculture homestead hidden in the Jungle of Malaysia! Love and Light“, Katalin&Shatish, Hungary&Malaysia, March 2017

Dear Yasmín and Michael, and all of Finca Luz Serena family members! These were 2 really colorful weeks I spend with amazing people, I think it was first time in my experience wen I have felt this “tribe”feeling, a community, where everyone shares everything, cares for everyone. Maybe someday I would also like to live in an ecovillage, now I’m not ready for it yet, so I felt more than happy to help people who are willing to do it right now. Thanks for the good vibes and all the knowledge! Paldies! With Love form Latvia” Ulrika (&Valters), Latvia, February 2017

Thank you so much for sharing your energy and creating this beautiful space for a great community. This place is growing on a sea of peace that has been planted with seeds of love. It will blossom in flowers of trust and natural life. At moments of stress, just observe and calmly look back at all the achievements! I will always look back on this short time with loving memories! See you again soon! Love” Dready Teddy (&Thomas), Germany, March 2017

Dear Finca Luz, thank you for the experience, we really enjoyed. We hope that we could bring much positive energy and ideas to that place. We are really interested in the development of this place“, Jacob and Zosia, Germany, March 2017

“Dear Serene Light Gardens! Grateful feelings at the moment IO write this words. Was very nice and lot of joy to stay here in this wonderful place. Pierre and Yasmín, you are great souls and I wish you all you need to fulfill your dreams! Learned a lot and it changed me a bit and got growth for my own dreams and visions for a community 🙂 Looking forward to be once again here in the future. Will try it for sure <3 Amazing people I met here you made it soooo special for me and I will never forget you all… feel very welcome to contact me when you are in Germany, Berlin. Keep going on! Love Love Love“, Shabnam, Germany-Afghanistan, February-April 2017

“I met Yasmin and Michael a year ago when I moved to Bajamar. The finca project immediately interested me. I love the project and support it as much as I can. Yasmin and Michael have become lovely friends. They are friendly,  loving and helpful people, who deserve any support. I continue to pursue the project “Luz Serena” full of interest and joy.”, Bernd, Germany, October 2016-November 2017

It was a true pleasure and honor to be part, at least a little, of this wonderful project you have undertook. I really look forward to come visit you later in life when it will look the same as tou see it behind your eyelids. Your energy was inspiring. Thank you” William, April 2017

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