Here you can read the comments left by the former volunteers, visitors and collaborators about their experiences at our permaculture farm in Tenerife, Serene Light Gardens.

“Michael and Yasmín are amazing people with knowledge in so many fields. You can learn so much from them! The finca has a great view over Bajamar and the sea and it is at walking distance to the center of the village. I totally recommend you volunteer with this permaculture and agroecological project”, Anca, Romania

“Yasmin and Michael are two special individuals with a positive and inspiring vision. I am blessed to know them and share their energy and space. Yasmin is very insightful and knowledgeable in the area of spiritual healing and psychological well-being. I recommend consulting with her, especially if you feel none can understand your challenges.
Thank you Michael and Yasmin!”, Djana Fakhreeva, Russia (http://djanas.weebly.com)

I stayed with Michael Pierre and Yamsin for 4 months (from July to October 2016). There are open-hearted and open-minded people and welcomed my wife, my son and me from the first moment. They shared their resources and knowledge genourisly. It was a pleasure to work with them in nature and to see the plants grow. I definetly learned something about permaculture and community live. I am looking forward to visit them again. May your project be one of the first shining lights in this endless ocean. :)”
Michael Taube, Germany (http://michaeltaube.net)

As a long-time student of macrobiotics, permaculture, and sustainable building techniques, I was very interested to learn more of the Luz Serena project in Bajamar.
I was so inspired by Yasmin and Michael, their broad knowledge of a sustainable way of living, and their deep commitment to the health and happiness of the people who come to learn from them and to our shared planet and its resources, that I have decided to do what I can to support this fundamentally-important work and project.
Yasmin and Michael are two remarkable and generous souls who are providing leadership and training for the most vital of issues of our time.” Morgan Jones, USA, 18th of May 2017

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