Visit and Experience


Come for a Meal: We are serving two abundant, vegetarian (and vegan friendly), organic meals a day: 11am and 6pm (winter time) / 12 midday and 7pm (summer time) approximately. You can come and join us for 8€/person, please let us know in advance: +34654579155.

Come for a guided visit with a Meal: We are offering a complete tour of the farm with expert Permaculture teacher and consultant Michael Pierre for one hour + open space for questions and the same meal described here before for 20€/person for groups of 2-4 people and 15€/person for groups bigger than 5.

Staying at the Farm: To anyone showing interest in coming to stay, visit and experience “Finca Luz Serena” in Bajamar (Tenerife, Spain), we would love to share with you some of the background of this project to get a better understanding of what we are standing for:
We are investing our energy and finances to create an environment where people can learn and get inspired in many ways about sustainable living and its creative possibilities. Please visit (if you haven’t yet) this website in depth for the details.
We have launched a crowd-funding campaign (in which you are welcome to contribute) although until now most of resources came from the founders, and we are really looking forward to share and co-create the project with really motivated people, even looking for co-owners.


We are offering the unique opportunity to come and stay with us on the land, experience a healthy and natural lifestyle, learn and see with your own eyes how the process of creating an eco-village and regenerating the soil works.

The farm is strictly vegetarian, alcohol, junk-food, drugs (including Marijuana) and Tobacco free. Please do not come if you have any of these addictions and have no will to overcome it.

Please also bring and use only natural products for your hygiene, washing clothes etc…

What we offer:
-A tent or cane house (if available) to stay in the farm with bed and bedding, at walking distance from the ocean.
-Artistic Shower at the farm
-2 healthy, vegetarian, whole food, local grown veggies meals (11AM and 7PM) a day including good oil and some
super foods and spices
-Agni hotra most of mornings and evenings
-Sharing Yoga
-Learning if you want to about sustainable living, green Building, Permaculture, plants in the sub-tropics, how to set up a project, etc
-Lots of information about Tenerife
-Networking with lots of beautiful like-minded people and projects


What we require:     

-140€ a week payed in advance
-To fill the following form: Visitor Form
-Send a photo of your passport/national ID by email:
-Be honest and communicative