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We are a little non-profit organization called “La Escuela de la Conciencia Creativa” (“The School of Creative Consciousness”) registered in Spain, and we have been tirelessly dedicating our lives to nourish an Eco-village project for the past 10 years. After many learning processes and an experiment in a rented farm, we finally found a land in Tenerife (Spring 2016) that suits perfectly the creation of a therapeutic and educational eco-center which will serve as a model and living reference for an integrative and symbiotic way of life with our natural environment, as well as a space of research where we can teach, learn and share with each other all about sustainable living.

Planned development

Even though the land is small for a proper eco-village, we aim to inspire from there either the creation of eco-villages and diverse eco-projects, as the advancement of society as a whole towards a more harmonious, conscious and responsible way of living.

We are passionately and actively involved with the Keshe Foundation for free energy and
“Embracing the World” as two organizations doing an enormous and meaningful work in the endeavor of making this Planet a place for peace, love and equality.

We already bought the piece of land presented in the video and made the soil movements we planned. We want to raise creative eco-buildings and infrastructures which would allow us to hold workshops, a camping area with little  eco-houses and create a whole artistic-botanic garden with great variety of trees, shrubs and plants that will provide food, health, beauty, and all kinds of useful materials in a multi-diverse esosystem.

If you want to know more about the project please have a look on our pages who we are, our volunteering program our crowdfunding page or contact us through our website. If you want to get the latest updates on the project subscribe to our Newsletter and check out our Facebook page.